daydreamer42677 (daydreamer42677) wrote in addme30plus,

Hello out there!

It's been a while since I've participated in my journal. I'm looking to write and read more. That's about it. I've had a journal for a really long time and I've enjoyed getting to know others through their writing. I consider myself average in most ways and don't really care about if people lean one way or another on most subjects. I have to small girls (two.5 and 4 months). I love single and married people. I like to think I'm creative. I'm a graphic artist... well, that's what they pay me for.

I write and comment when I can. I make no promises! I am fun in my opinion, and I'll always give it to you, good or bad. I'm interested in parents of tiny humans, but I'm in not in any way limited. I love living vicariously through people without kids as well! God knows I miss that!

Anyhow, no bullet points. No way! I like food too. Foodie! My journal now has had about two submissions in the last four years, but I feel I'm ready... so bring on some new friends too!

Just waiting...
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