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My LJ flist is almost silent. It's become a sea of readers and no writers - this has to stop! I come looking for friends.

I'm Alex, I'm 34, living in West London with my husband. Full time recruitment legal-person, part-time healthy living blogger. No kids, no pets, just me, him and lots of shoes.

I blog about day-to-day life, I take a lot of photos, I swear a great deal and I like having fun.

Aside from the odd hormonal outburst, my LJ is usually a pleasant place to be. Check my profile for interests and if we're on the same lines, leave me a comment.
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Hi! I'm just returning back to LJ after a break and wonder if you'd like to add me?
Somehow I didn't see this back when. Or maybe I wasn't looking to add. Do you still want more friends?