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Without sounding like a personal ad, I'm here to make some new lasting friendships. Some of my closest friends are those I met on LJ and have not even personally met them and some I have met in person.

A bit about me, the basics:
Female, 37, divorced, professional, student, mom to three cats and a large dog, from and still living in WI.

I am very passionate about music and post a lot about that, shows I've seen, etc. I love most music, everything from KoRn, (hence my user pic, that is me with JD by the way) Cradle of Filth to The Beatles. There is nothing better than sipping a few beers while singing along to your favorite bands at a live show. For me anyway.

I can sometimes be dramatic, I tend to post about music, my job (or bitch about it), my family and sometimes my ex-husband of five years, post pics of my animals and anything else that seems to fly through my head at any given time. I swear like a sailor and enjoy to laugh, am considered funny and am willing to yap about anything and everything. I like horror flicks, love tattoos and have seven of them and am adding more, I'm super kind and considerate of my friends and am a very caring person, even though sometimes it gets me into trouble. I've been on LJ for a while and tend to post at least twice a week, or try anyway.

Feel free to add :)
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