Deb (dandmforever90) wrote in addme30plus,

new friends

My name is Deb and I live in the Philadelphia area. I am happily married to Mike and together we have one son Matthew who is 21. Matt is finishing up his last semester at Kutztown University and plans on going to grad school. He has a girlfriend who also goes to Kutztown she is a year younger then him, they have been together for 5 years. They live together off campus in a nice apartment.

I am outgoing and friendly and like to chat online..I have a few hobbies which include camping,fishing,movies,swimming,and I like to surf the net. I get along with mostly anyone, and enjoy receiving comments as well as giving them. I have a few interests which include watching general hospital, which is the only tv show that I watch well except the news every once in awhile. I like to find new friends on LJ and get to know them. I chat on aim and yahoo so if you have either and like to chat that would be cool.

So add me and you will get to know me more and hopefully we can be LJ friends.
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